Adriatic Ocean

Dante Ferretti has created the thrill of childhood


The difficult, complex relationship with the past and with memory. Not as nostalgia, but rather as
presence, essence, formation. The images, evocations, resonances of experience that have
generated the present and its nature.
Place, roots, belonging, recognition. Italy, seen “from the other side”, that part overlooking a sea
that is only hers, small, restricted yet endless, infinite and solemn like childhood and adolescence.
With “Adriatic Ocean” Raffaele Curi averts our eyes from the future in order to recall how the
present is the product of a stratification, which resolves itself in aesthetic paradigms and shared
idioms. Visions, resurfacing, satòri, ghosts, fixed and mobile fragments. A bag full of values and
allusions floating on the great ocean whence we came and which awaits our return.