Of Ambergris and Camphor

Written and directed by Raffaele Curi

Of Ambergris and Camphor is the new Lent performance directed, written and produced by
Raffaele Curi.
The production is to be staged at the Ancient Fish Market in Rome’s Jewish Quarter (just a few
metres from the Circus Maximus), where in 2007 the work entitled “Di tre colori e d’una
dimensione” (“Of Three colours and One Dimension”) was presented. This marks the fourth
show sponsored by the Foundation. This work is an intense conceptual reflection and an
original representation of the differences and similarities between the East and the West,
according to the sensibility and poetry of Raffaele Curi. Live action, art exhibitions, theatre and
music are brought together in a single performance. In keeping with the Foundation’s
principles, the event is scheduled to take place during Lent, from the 9th to the 15th of March.
Atmospheres, living paintings, lights and sounds of the desert, and sensory allusions provide
the backdrop for this unique cast featuring Veronica de Laurentiis, actress, writer and daughter
of Silvana Mangano and Dino de Laurentiis, interpreting the role of Mater Dolorosa. The show
also introduces new talents to the stage: Alessandro Pintus, Mohamed Zouaoui, Michelangelo
Tommaso and Sami Haven. Playing the role of Arcangelo Gabriele is Simonetta Gianfelici, the
80’s icon of fashion designers. And in a whirlwind of visions and sounds, an amazing and
unique musical performance will be provided by the American group Village People.
An abstract from D’Ambra Grigia e Canfora has become a film, screened during Biennale of
Venice, as a prelude of the representations participating in the International Theatre Workshop,
planned around the theme of Mediterranean sea.

A Sea of Angels

Conceived and directed by Raffaele Curi

Un Mare di Angeli

The performance Un Mare di Angeli, conceived and directed by Raffaele Curi, has been chosen by
Biennale of Venice , and takes place in the International Theatre Workshop. The performance has
been staged at Teatro Goldoni on November 27 th 2008.
Un Mare di Angeli is a tribute to Mediterranean sea, which permeates the thousands of islands, the
Greek and the Italian, Spanish, North African ones. This work refers to the multiple traditions and
to the historical, artistic and cultural events of the countries whose coasts are reached by this sea.
The show, with an extremely suggestive visual design, has the participation of the soprano Myrtò
Papatanasiu. The music is composed by Dimitris Theocharis.
The costume for Myrtò Papatanasiu has been expressly designed by Alda Fendi; it is inspired by
the creativity of Paul Poiret and Vera Stravinsky. The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, in Palazzo
Venier dei Leoni, displayes the costume starting on November 28th.