Of Three Colors and one Dimension

Written and directed by Raffaele Curi

Of Three Colours and One Dimension is the title of the show conceived by Raffaele Curi for the
year 2007, on scene from March 29 th to April 4 th , in the ancient, and never used, Mercato del Pesce
degli Ebrei (next to Circo Massimo). The project promote a reflection upon the woman’s role,
placing her – according to Dante’s point of view – in the centre of the Universe, by virtue of her
inborn ability as mediator and intercessor, since she is, ambiguously, wicked charmer, chaste
priestess, unselfish mother, blessed virgin, a creature superior in sensitivity and intuition.
Motherhood and seclusion are the artistic cues of this spectacular enquiry, made through the great
mystic’s whispered echoes, the vehement music of Rossini and Donizetti, the elaborate sonority of
Beth Gibbons, Yoko Ono and Maria Tanase. Hieratic and enigmatic feminine presences are
proposed through the perfection of masterworks of Beato Angelico, Piero della Francesca and
Pontormo. A cast formed by international stars, as Dominique Sanda, Olivia Magnani and Olimpia
Carlisi, put together with the aggressive physicalness of the boxing champion Vincenzo Cantatore
(actor for the first time) and the more uncertain one of the Puerto Rican singer Ramona Cordova,
new revelation of contemporary music scene, make Of Three Colours and One Dimension an
amazing show, enriched by Santuzza Calì’s costumes, Sergio Metalli’s virtual design and Marco
Macrini’s houselights.