Denied Truths

Kaisar – Denied Truths is a dramaturgical experiment written and directed by Raffaele Curi for the debut of the Alda Fendi Foundation – Experiments.
The first project produced by the Foundation, set up in the Foro Traiano 1 Gallery and the Curia of the Imperial Forums from 3 through 12 March, Kaisar – Denied Truths is an imaginary rereading of the history of mankind, in which installation and dramaturgy, acting and scenery, lights, images, and sounds come together to produce a global experiment of artistic experiences, united in the theme of war and religion, power and the “denied truth”.
The protagonists of the show-performance, in addition to eighty symbolic characters, were Vincent Gallo, an icon of American independent filmmaking, and Sheila Chandra, an Anglo-Indian singer and celebrated star of Peter Gabriel’s World Music project.